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Digital technologies are affecting industry and business. There is an overall change in the way products and services are delivered and monetized. In the context of global and dynamic changes, which cover many different areas, collaboration does not remain unaffected by this trend. The change is transforming the global workforce, and we are expected to have not only basic computer skills but also digital skills that enable them to operate the full range of revolutionary technological tools.

Entrepreneurs and larger business organizations see digital collaboration solutions as an effective way to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive world. It is efficiency on one hand, customer engagement and attention on the other. Hence a variety of forms of communication on the other predominates.

Templates for planning, goal setting, role distribution etc. are needed optimize the organization and workflow in startups is a current topic and object of interest for many companies that offer innovative solutions. The creation and offering of management tools from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs who need help to organize their work processes with consultation, training, and mentoring on topics such as management, leadership, business development, strategies, planning, and others.

Today, many companies and startups, after recruiting their first people, face a lack of a unified direction, plan, and goals to which the entire team strives. Many tools offer separate solutions, but experience shows that many people use tables for much of their management structure, which, however, is often difficult to make clear and specialized to the company’s goals.

Startup Stash, for example, is a collection of tools and resources for startups to help startups around the world find the right solution for their needs. The service has filters to facilitate the search process.

It includes 400 products in 40 categories, such as Idea Generation, Early Consumers, Marketing, Capital Raising, and Customer Support. Each category consists of selected resources and tools, each with its detail page that shows little information about the product.

The directory focuses on recruiting tools and resources that offer great quality. Most of them are free or at a low price. The aim is to help start-up entrepreneurs save a significant part of their time, staff, and money.

In addition to the collections of selected products, Startup Stash provides the user with enough information to narrow his choice when viewing. Each product has images, a personalized inside description, social links, and a website link.


Free tools for startups collaboration:

Watch the video for optimizing virtual tools:

Other similar resources:

  • Startupyar– hand-picked tools for beginner projects and entrepreneurs.
  • tech– directory of free resources and tools for non-technological entrepreneurs.
  • Startupcollections– resources and tools for entrepreneurs, designers and developers.
  • io/tools– directory of selected tools for designers, web designers, creators.

In a world that keeps changing and digitalizing, some of the tools that are listed above, can have a huge impact on a company’s success!  Nevertheless, tools alone are not enough: Especially Startups can profit from the experience and expert knowledge of others.

nextexitfuture offers to verify and evaluate businesses for market opportunities. We then accompany the Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs in all essential administrative processes (e.g., creating a business plan, organizational matters) and support in the form of coaching to go their way. The founders can also use our premises in Heidelberg, as a co-working space, for workshops, events etc. Feel free contact us at:

Manuela Toteva
Manuela Toteva

Manuela Toteva is a senior marketing and communications professional with +15 years of international background. In her career, she was both an in-house expert or consultant and managed a variety of projects for international companies like METRO Cash&Carry, Postbank, Aurubis, SAP, and others. She graduated a strategic communications program at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and holds a master’s degree in Industrial Management. Currently, she is engaged with Ph.D. research in the field of digitization and the future of marketing. Lecturing on communication management and digital marketing at the Sofia University and Technical University - Ilmenau. Member of Deutsche Public Relations Gesellschaft e. V. and Heidelberg International Professional Women`s Forum. She is passionate about volunteering for women empowerment, equal education, and cancer treatment. Her motto is "Aim high, to the moon, because even if you don't hit, you'll stay among the stars."

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