Synchronizing with your assets – Own strengths and competencies

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Mapping ourselves to our competencies and skills gives us peaceful living. However, it is difficult to achieve in practice, a step to this was made by nextexitfuture. nextexitfuture provides a platform to collaborate in a network – our working model. With people being the heart and soul of this women empowered and empowering network, trainings and events are regularly organized.

The first training was held at nextexitfuture, Heidelberg on 8th May 2018 on personal competencies. The training had participants from different sectors. The valuable aspect of this training was that multiple trainers employed a multi-method approach. Training was handled by three coaches from nextexitfuture. Thanks to our coaches namely Vera Geier, Daniela Scheurlen and Tatjana Erhardt.

The training started with a unique task of guessing the characteristics of team members – where the team member would only introduce themselves with just their names and rest was a mystery until the task was over. This helped the participants to break the ice and to think beyond what is visible. Distinguished exercises with different teams was the key feature. Always unique teams were formed and this brought new ideas to prosper.

The common thread – the Johari window

The focus was primarily to enable the participants to become aware of their own competences and in the context of current trends – to integrate them successfully into cooperation with teams and in projects. All participants had the opportunity to become part of the discussion, creating a lively exchange. The most diverse aspects around the topic were harnessed that could help in shaping and find new possibilities. The motivation was to find your way quickly by assisting ourselves.

Overall, we hope that everyone could take something for themselves from the event and together we could make a difference.

Looking forward to your presence at our next event in July. A two-day workshop on METHOD TRAINING STRATEGY & BUSINESS MODELS . You can register by clicking on:


Pooja Mohnani
Pooja Mohnani

Research, education, training and development Coordination of global teams Coaching and mentoring for students Academics – Foundation for Information Technology (computer architecture, software engineering methodologies, mobile computing) Publication of technical papers Organizing technical events

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