Review of our event- Collaboration and Networking – in Digital Era

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As we experience that Digital presence has become a “way to life, collaboration and networking especially in times of a global pandemic and contact restrictions are the solution for many businesses to keep them functioning”. There is a high probability that a potential customer first discovers you on social media. Therefore, it is important to consider your digital face in these times and know which tools can make you look modern and attractive.

The event had an overwhelming response on LinkedIn and other platforms with 80+ registrations. We decided to experiment and chose a retrospective gaming format.  We used the tool Gather and designed a virtual nextexitfuture Lab. This platform provided the possibility to wander into our virtual lab and people could connect in a unique way – you could virtually move and if you bump into a person you could choose to interact and then move on explore our lab.

The event started with gathering which was quickly followed by a guided tour to the event area. Our Founder and investor Ms. Schlie shared how nextexitfuture was founded and our CEO Heike Schönmann spoke about our purpose and what we do. Now was the time to know about various tools to Collaborate and Network and we were enlightened by our speaker Ms. Manuela Toteva. The focus was on the thoughtful use of technology. There were interesting questions and answers with tips about choosing and using many free available tools and automizing our social media presence.

To dirty our hands and the positive experiences from previous workshops, we decided to record everyone’s thoughts on the “mural”, using sticky notes. The tool makes it possible to work together and interactively on virtual whiteboards (see screenshots). There is also the option of prioritizing different ideas via the voting system and managing the time for everyone to see with a timer.

We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to connect and share their ideas. Yes, it was the time to network in nextexitfuture lounge, play a game, have private conversations, or get more exposure about us via multiple screens spread across the space.

Here are few glimpses from our collection of the insights captured during the event:

                                                             Figure 1: Mural board                                                                                               Figure 2: Mentifeedback

We Thank everyone who attended our virtual New Year’s and especial Thanks to Manuela Toteva for the great and informative insights to various tools that support digital collaboration! Thank you for the valuable input and exciting new contacts. Let us step with new energy for better times ahead in 2021.

If you missed this time: No problem! You have the opportunity to join us on our virtual business lunch on 26th Feb from 12:30 – 2:00 pm CET. We understand „DEMYSTIFYING DATA MONETIZATION “ with our experts Bettina Goerner, Managing Director Data Products, Springer Nature and Girish Koppar, COO of Bayestree. For more information click here

If you want to know how you and your company are looking for some similar solutions, please feel free contact us! ( ) nextexitfuture supports you with a structured approach for the implementation of virtual workshops with participants from all over the world.

Pooja Mohnani
Pooja Mohnani

Research, education, training and development Coordination of global teams Coaching and mentoring for students Academics – Foundation for Information Technology (computer architecture, software engineering methodologies, mobile computing) Publication of technical papers Organizing technical events

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