International Aspect of Networking

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International networking is changing the way the world does business –  be it research, new products, business growth ideas, trade mission, workshops, conferences, new channel developments, current business trends etc. The international aspect : networking and sharing information, exploring the opportunities to collaborate, helps in succeeding at the global marketplace. Today strategic networking with high-profile globally active industry experts attracts promising benefits and faster success to businesses simple and complex.

With the advent of Digitization – a culture of international presence is the priority for many organizations. New Work Culture becoming the core principle for innovation and multidisciplinary working style. Internationally collaborated ideas, followed by a powerful business model with implementation is the key for success. Future organizations position themselves and align their products and services to the needs of the consumers. The understanding of interdisciplinary cooperation across hierarchies reduces conflicts and makes team successful. International markets create innovative capacity, minimize investment risks and enable organizations in their path.

Need for Networking

With globalization, building and maintaining relationships are likely to depend upon the cultural context. One of the important aspect for market diversity is cultural differences that make interacting parties thinking and acting differently.

Building topologies and networks offer a platform to connect with new people, share experiences and gain exposure. This leads to development of trust and faith in their contact building in the real and virtual world. Attention has been shifted from real to virtual world and thus from visible to invisible friends.  nextexitfuture offers its members a professional marketplace to achieve their goals.  Our network includes like-minded companies focused on developing mutually beneficial relationships that lead to more business.

nextexitfuture GmbH
nextexitfuture celebrates its foundation day as “International Networking Day”. The focus is to connect with varied cultures to support cooperative networking, problem handling with diverse insights to promote trust and commitment.

Pooja Mohnani
Pooja Mohnani

Research, education, training and development Coordination of global teams Coaching and mentoring for students Academics – Foundation for Information Technology (computer architecture, software engineering methodologies, mobile computing) Publication of technical papers Organizing technical events

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